jewelry repairs

Jewelry and Watch Repairs

“I don’t know if you can help me with this . . . “ Those are often the first words spoken by a customer who needs a repair. Well, be assured that there isn’t much by way of repairs that Christie’s cannot handle!


All repairs are done on site, and we have the necessary equipment and personnel to do them correctly. For instance, our laser welder allows precision repairs to very delicate pieces without applying possibly damaging heat.


Rings can be resized using the same metal as the original ring. They can also be polished, and rhodium plating can be applied for a brilliant luster. Stones can be checked and tightened, and new pits or prongs installed as necessary. Broken pieces can be soldered and re-joined.


Most makes of watches, including high-end watches, can be repaired by our master watchmaker. We can repair quartz movements, self-winding movements, and other problems.


So bring your damaged pieces, rings that need resizing, or watches needing repair, and let our master craftsmen work their magic!


All repairs are guaranteed for one year.

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