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What is a Lab-Grown Diamond?

The main difference between a Lab-Grown Diamond and an Earth-Mined Diamond is simply WHERE it was created. An Earth-Mined Diamond is formed deep beneath the Earth’s crust where temperatures and pressures are very high. These Diamonds can only be mined when rare volcanoes erupt and bring them close to the surface.


The same conditions are created in labs using the High –Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) process or the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) process. What starts as a Diamond seed – a minuscule slice of a Diamond – blossoms into a large, rough Diamond as carbon atoms grow around it. These elegant pieces are grown in certified labs that use very limited energy (sometimes solar derived) and emit next to no emissions.


Diamonds from the Lab are typically 30-40% less than Earth-Grown Diamonds of similar size and quality.


The Lab Grown Diamond process duplicates what occurs underground in nature making it IMPOSSIBLE for the human eye to identify the difference between Earth-Mined & Lab-Grown Diamonds. Lab-Grown Diamonds are certified & graded to the same standards as their counterpart, Earth-Mined Diamonds.


As a Fine Jeweler, we endorse Lab-Grown Diamonds as an option to Earth-Mined Diamonds. Lab-Grown Diamonds allow our clients a less expensive alternative; without compromising quality and value.

*****Any piece of jewelry containing Lab-Grown Diamonds can be serviced, repaired or restored by any professional, qualified jeweler utilizing the same tools, the same methods, and the same techniques of those used on any jewelry set with Earth-Mined Diamonds.*****


Some points to keep in mind when considering the choice of either Lab-Grown Diamonds or Earth-Mined Diamonds:

- Who should consider a Lab-Grown Diamond? 
~If you’re looking for a budget friendly option (Lab-Grown Diamonds cost 30%- 40% less on average than their Earth-Mined counterparts).
~A Lab-Grown Diamond can represent modern love.
~Lab-Grown Diamonds appeal to those who appreciate the latest advances in technology.

- Who should consider an Earth-Mined Diamond?
~If having a Diamond grown naturally/organically in the Earth is important to you.
~Maybe you have a traditional approach to love.
~Someone who is willing to invest more money to purchase an Earth-Mined Diamond.

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