Full Custom Creations

Our signature service at Christie's is custom jewelry design.
We take the time to work with you to create your perfect, unique work of art.

Our signature service at Christie’s is Custom Design. This allows you, our client, to design your own personal piece of jewelry.

Our professional staff and on-site artist will walk you through the whole process – from concept to completion.

Our passion is creating jewelry.

Resin to finish

Our Five-Step Design Process

We help you design that perfect piece with care, patience, enthusiasm, and creativity.

1. Design Consultation

Custom Ring Design Step 1

When you request a custom designed jewelry creation, our staff will work with you to get an idea of your style choice and specifically what you have envisioned as your final piece. We are always here to help you refine your ideas in a variety of ways.

For example, we may show you items we have in our showcase, along with images and/or samples of prior clients' designs that we have crafted as well. In our experience, we have found that these techniques work well as inspiration for our clients' custom designs.

Our onsite jewelry design artist can also provide a hand-drawn rendering, which is another helpful tool in the custom design process.

2. Computer Aided Design (CAD-CAM)

Custom Ring Design Step 2

After we have refined the design, we have now established the concept. We move to the next step in the process.

Our designers will transfer the concept to our jewelry computer program. This software allows us to create an exact model of any jewelry design that we have created for our clients.

3. Resin

Custom Ring Design Step 3

During this step in the design process, the computer program transfers the concept to a 3D printer. The 3D printer builds the model layer by layer until the model is complete.

At this step, a client can view the custom piece as a 3 dimensional image, making clear what the final result will look like. And at this point we can make any necessary design changes, size alterations, etc. before casting.

4. Casting

Custom Ring Design Step 4

Once the resin model is complete, it is then placed into a “flask.” The flask is then put into an oven to burn out the resin, thus producing the mold/container used to give shape to the piece/mounting.

Hot molten gold is then poured into the mold and is allowed to cool until it becomes a rough casting, ready for completion.

5. Completion

Custom Ring Design Step 5

The rough casting is then polished and prepared for stone setting (if any stones are necessary). Our master craftsmen will set the gems and polish to perfection.

An amazing, durable, and one of a kind custom crafted piece of jewelry is now complete!

The special part of Christie's custom design process is that the client can view and alter actual model(s) before the final piece is cast. The client is involved all along the way!

That's our unique process! So if you've always wanted a custom-designed piece made just for you, you've found your jeweler!

Preparing for Your Appointment


Christie's Fine Jewelry is here to make the process of custom designing an easy and enjoyable experience.

Please bring any images or sketches that you may have for design inspiration, and don't worry if you do not have any yet, we are here to help!

If you are planning on using any stones you may already own, please bring any existing appraisals or paperwork on them if available.

Christie's offers you an additional 25 percent on top of the value of your scrap gold when you use it towards any items or services offered by Christie's. So be sure to see if you have old or broken jewelry to put towards your new piece.

These things may give us a jump start to creating your custom piece of jewelry. Give us a call at (860)644-3503 or text us at (860) 614-8350 to set up a personal consultation. Our clients are always amazed at how smooth and fun we can make it.

Custom Jewel Bar Design

Our trademark Jewel Bar is another custom design option. Our "Jeweltenders" will also advise and consult with our clients all along the way.

This option allows for a quicker turnaround time as we are working with an already established piece of jewelry which we then customize to fit your specific tastes.

This is a also great option when redesigning a current piece of jewelry.

The Jewel Bar offers a fun and interactive process; the choices are endless!

Now that you've seen our Custom Process...

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